Meeting with Employer "Home for Older People"


Today, 03.12.2018, in the House for the elderly with a hospital for patients - Berkovitsa a team composed of: Mrs. Lyudmila Filipova - Director of the Consultation Center for Project "Combined efforts in support to the disadvantaged people on the labor market in the cross-border area" (PROJECT CODE, E-MS CODE ROBG-163), Mrs. Stanimira Ivanova, Project Expert and Mr. Ivaylo Panov, Project Coordinator met with Radi Tsvetanov Ivanov, Director of the Home for old people with a hospital for patients - Berkovitsa.

During the meeting, an invitation was made to the Director of the Home for Older People - Berkovitsa to present his activity on the territory of the Montana District as well as the requirements for future employees of the company.

During the meeting, a special video clip was created for the purposes of the project, presenting the information requested by the team - in a version suitable for presenting on a labor exchange to disadvantaged people from the Berkovitsa municipality, which will take place in CONSULTING CENTER - Berkovitsa, Atanas Kyurkchiev str., Bl. Kom - ground floor, date: 14.12.2018 at 11:00.

Дом за стари хора (Home for Older People) - video message