Project management

  • to designate a project implementation teams to each of the partners

Formation and activities of joint expert group

  • The overall scientific and methodological activities concerning the training, research and analysis of the labor market situation of disadvantaged people in the course of project implementation will be carried out by a joint expert group. The expert group will consist of experts from the Lead beneficiary, from Romanian partner and from Bulgarian partner. The expert group will be an important coordinating and consultative body providing important guidelines in project implementation, in line with the emerging needs of highly qualified and timely assistance.

Development of manual and training of the target group

  • To develop a manual in three languages (English, Bulgarian and Romanian) to help disadvantaged people in self-employment and job search;
  • To conduct a training of 6 groups of 15 unemployed disadvantaged persons each (60 persons of Roma origin and 30 persons with disabilities) in both countries. The training will be conducted in two modules:

- first module: Legislation applicable to work and business in the CB area - 30 lessons;

-   second module: How to start your own business - aspects of training related to the matter known as lifestyle entrepreneurship - 30 lessons.

Establishing two consultancy centers and a web platform

  • To be established two consultancy centers - in Berkovitsa (Bulgaria) and in Craiova (Romania), for guidance and counseling to disadvantaged unemployed persons.
  • Joint website offers comprehensive information on the progress and development of the project in three languages - English, Bulgarian and Romanian.

Organization of two job fairs

  • To be organized two job fairs - one in Montana and one in Craiova. The goal in conducting job fairs is the establishment of direct contacts between the unemployed and employers.

Information and publicity

  • A conference in the town of Craiova, Romania to be held to present the start of the project.
  • At the end of the project, a final conference to be organized in Berkovitsa which to inform participants and the local community about the implemented project activities and promote the project achievements: achieved objectives, best practices, lessons learned for future projects, the role of beneficiaries, etc.

Survey and study of the obstacles and problems associated with discouraging of disadvantaged people from entering the labor market

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Development of employment competencies and starting a business for disadvantaged people

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Manual to help disadvantaged people in self-employment and job search

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